Saturday, September 27, 2008

What is the School of the Seventy and How Does It Work?

The School of the Seventy is a self-paced educational program for adults. Activities include a reading program, where one may read books in a specific “discipline,” and ad-hoc activities such as lectures, workshops, listening to podcasts and reading articles/other materials that will be announced from time to time on this website.

As you participate in the reading program and other activities, you earn "credits." For each 25 credits you earn, you will receive a certificate. Each book and activity has a credit value.

To participate, you must complete and return the Enrollment Form.

How does The School of the Seventy work? Study and receive credit.

After you fill out and return the enrollment form, you may begin the program at any time. You may complete books and activities as your time allows.

Pick a book from the Book Lists at the top of this website. The disciplines are Ascetic, Apologist, Catechist, Evangelist, Liturgist, Missionary, Philanthropist and many more. Credits are listed next to each book title. Mix and match as you like from any of the disciplines--you don’t have to read all the books in one discipline.

Or, you may pick a book or an activity as announced on this website and filed under the tabs at the top of the site.

Purchase and read the book or do the activity. Then complete the worksheet or “homework” for that book or activity. To find worksheets, homework or lessons, click on the Lessons/Homework tab at the top of this website.

Turn the worksheet/homework in the School Director. St Luke Members can return their homework to the School bulletin board at St. Luke Church. Internet participants can e-mail their homework to the School Director at else10(at)gmail(dot)com.

Once the homework is evaluated, you will receive the credits for that book or activity. When you have earned a total of 25 credits, you will receive a certificate. Students who earn the most credits in the school year will receive special recognition.


Each book or activity has a credit value equal to its difficulty level or time it takes to complete. Thus, a 1-credit activity will be easier and take less time than a 4-credit activity, which may take many hours and be more difficult to complete.


Contact the School Director by e-mail at else10(at)gmail(d0t)com.

This information last updated April 7, 2014.

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