Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Saint Catherine Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies

Good morning, friends! Here is another credit opportunity!

One of our new members, Emma Cazabonne, is involved with the St Catherine Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies. It is also an adult education organization.

On the St Catherine web site it says:

"The Saint Catherine Institute is an Orthodox Christian educational organization. It aims to provide a forum for the study and research of Orthodox thought and practice as well as to promote Orthodox scholarship in fields of academic interest and with respect to issues of our age.

Through its work, this pan-Orthodox Institute aims to be a witness to Orthodox Christianity by advancing appreciation and awareness of Orthodox scholarship.

The Institute is working to realize these goals through a variety of programs, which include: regular meetings with academic and research presentations for Institute members; an Internet forum for communication among members; public lectures, workshops, and symposia in the greater Chicago area; and classes that complement existing parish adult education programs."

This group sounds like it's right up our alley! If you attend a meeting, you will receive TWO CREDITS. For proof of attendance, turn in a program with your name and phone number written on it, and place it in the homework folder on the bulletin board.

I'll have Emma keep us up to date on the Institute's meetings and activities. I encourage you to visit the Institute's web site.

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