Saturday, October 18, 2008

Two Orthodox Book Blogs to Enjoy

Look what I found!

The Orthodox Christian Book Blog lets you know what's going on in the world of Eastern Orthodox publishing. Whether you're a book lover, a member of the media or a publishing industry insider, read on and enjoy. Check it out!

Or, check out the Eastern Orthodox Librarian. This Blog is intended to stimulate conversation among people interested in libraries, librarians who are Orthodox Christians, or librarians who work with libraries and institutes that contain collections on Eastern Orthodoxy. I would also add that it's an interesting place to read about Orthodox books, what's going on with translations of Orthodox materials, and more. It's academic, but don't be scared away. Of interest on this blog is the explanation of the three hierarchs in the left column!

As a result of finding these, I'm going to add a "Blogs" header in the left column. Here I will link to blogs that may be of interest in our reading and studying endeavors.

If you know of other worthy links along this line, please email me! Thanks!

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