Friday, October 24, 2008

Who can be in the School of the Seventy?

Our school is not limited to St. Luke church members! If you know of someone in another parish, or a seeker, or another Christian who would like to learn more about the Orthodox faith, please invite them to join the School. They can participate "virtually" by using the downloadable materials on this blog.

If you know of someone outside the parish who would like to be a student in the School of the Seventy, have them

--Fill out and submit an enrollment form
--Download a book list and choose a book to read, or choose and participate in another credit activity
--Send me their homework (either via email or by letter)

I will make sure to keep in touch with them via email and to award credits as they are earned.

Make sure you tell them about the giant Russian icon that will be the prize for the student earning the most school credits this school year (Sept 2008 to June 2009).

Spread the word about the School!

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