Saturday, March 7, 2009

Menologion 3.0 and Bible Reading Plans


Here are two new resources to help you in your studies. Thank you Mark and Clark, for contributing these!

Menologion 3.0 for Windows is a free computer program which provides an easy way to access the Troparia and Kontakia, Bible Readings and Lives of Saints of the day.

When Menologion starts, it reads the date set in your computer's clock and displays the selected readings for the current date. You can set the program to display dates according to the Old Calendar or the New Calendar. You can select any date and display the Troparia and Kontakia or Bible Readings for that date. It is also possible to browse through the Troparia and Kontakia, Bible Readings and Lives of Saints either forward or backward day by day. And you can search for and find saints by name.

Menologion can also display an Icon next to the text of Troparia and Kontakia or Bible Readings. There are 53 Icons included in the main program, with another 380 Icons available in an optional Supplemental Icon Library, containing at least one saint for every day of the year.

You can download Menologion here.

Thomas Nelson, publisher of The Orthodox Study Bible (OSB), now offers one- and two-year Bible Reading Plans to go with the OSB. You can download them here.

May your studies be blessed!

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