Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Orthodox Search Engine

From an e-mail announcement:

We are pleased to announce to you that a new full-text search system covering the whole Orthodox Internet has been launched.

What makes our service unique is the ability of the search engine to index over 7000 Orthodox sites all over the world Orthodox Internet, while the search index is updated daily thanks to the Google CSE technology.

One can submit his search request using the simple search interface, as well as the advanced search form available on the Web page The search results include only the Orthodox websites listed in the Directory The search results are thereby protected from garbage and exactly match the search request. You can submit your search request on any of the Web pages of the Directory, or, alternatively, you can use the simple search interface at

Our search service is available in English, Russian, Serbian, Romanian, Greek, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian and many other (over 20) world languages. The search covers only those pages of the Orthodox Internet whose language matches that of the current interface of the search system.

Thanks to Emma for sharing this announcement!

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