Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Podcast: Metropolitan Jonah

Ancient Faith Radio has started a new podcast called "Conversations with Metropolitan Jonah." You can read more about it, along with subscription and listening information, here.

Podcasts are a great way to learn about the Orthodox faith! You can listen on your computer or download the podcasts to MP3 players (like an iPod) to take along in your car or to listen to at home or on a walk. They are like mini-lectures and radio broadcasts. It's so encouraging to hear others talk about their faith or to hear the great teachers of Orthodoxy explain the faith. Typically, most podcasts are short--under 30 minutes--an easy-to-listen-to length!

And now, you can earn credit for listening! Each podcast you listen to is worth 1 credit. Simply listen to the podcast, fill out the Podcast Worksheet (downloadable under Worksheets and Study Guides, at left) and return it to me. I'll post your credit when I receive your work.

So please check out this podcast, along with others listed under the Podcasts header at left. You'll be glad that you did! God bless your listening.

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