Monday, April 27, 2009

School Year Coming to a Close

The LAST DAY to turn in credits for the 2008-2009 school year is MAY 24, 2009. NO credits will be accepted after May 24, so save them for next term (Sept 2009-June 2010).

Some of you are VERY close to a 25-credit certificate. I emailed the credit tallies out to each person before Pascha (if you have not earned any credits, you did not get an email). These are still the current numbers. Check and see how close you are. Then work to complete your 25 credits! If you need another tally of your credits, please email me.

Participation certificates, pins and awards will be distributed after Liturgy on May 31, 2009, when other Christian education awards are made.

Everyone who earned at least 1 credit will get a participation certificate and a pin. Those earning no credits will not be recognized. Those earning 25 or more credits will receive the usual 25-credit certificate (if they have not received it yet) and maybe something extra. The person receiving the most credits of all students will be awarded the school prize, the giant Russian ikon of Christ.

The finish line approaches. Ready-set-go! God bless you as you race to your personal goal....

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