Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NEW! Credit for Bible Study Classes held at St Luke Church

If you attend the weekday Adult Bible Study class at St Luke Church, you can receive School of the 70 credit for your participation. Here's how:

1. Bible study students must also formally enroll in the School of the 70 (that means filling out a registration form and turning it in).

2. Bible study students must turn in their homeworks to me (these are the worksheets from Lee, the Bible Study teacher, filled out by the student and initialed by Lee).

3. At the end of the Bible study (when the Bible book is finished), students must turn in a Book of the Bible School of the 70 worksheet (available from the left column on this Web site).

Each class session would be worth one credit, so a student could earn multiple credits for a multi-week session. However, students must be present in the class (not participate long-distance or be absent from class).

Credits can be back-dated to September 1, 2009.

So, St Lukians, if you are in the Bible Study class, consider this opportunity to earn more credits. And let your fellow Bible study students know about the School, too!

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