Saturday, November 28, 2009

Special Podcasts on Dec 1 and 2

On December 1st and 2nd, Come Receive the Light podcast celebrates the Feast days of the prophets Nahum and Habakkuk. Subdeacon Irenaios Anderson from Saint Herman Theological Seminary in Kokiak, Alaska, will tell us about the role of prophets in the Old Testament and these two prophets in particular. Plus, it's always a pleasure to have Frederica Mathewes-Greene on the show, and she's back with us in a new interview to talk about her book "At the Corner of East and Now: A Modern Life in Ancient Christian Orthodoxy." This insightful book was called by the Dallas Morning News, "An excellent invitation to Christians of the West to understand a tradition in which worship has neither beginning nor end." Hailed as a wonderful introduction to the faith for the non-Orthodox, join Father Chris to find out more from the author herself.

Earn one credit for each of these podcasts. Fill out the podcast worksheet for each one and return to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com. Enjoy and be blessed!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NEW! Credit for Bible Study Classes held at St Luke Church

If you attend the weekday Adult Bible Study class at St Luke Church, you can receive School of the 70 credit for your participation. Here's how:

1. Bible study students must also formally enroll in the School of the 70 (that means filling out a registration form and turning it in).

2. Bible study students must turn in their homeworks to me (these are the worksheets from Lee, the Bible Study teacher, filled out by the student and initialed by Lee).

3. At the end of the Bible study (when the Bible book is finished), students must turn in a Book of the Bible School of the 70 worksheet (available from the left column on this Web site).

Each class session would be worth one credit, so a student could earn multiple credits for a multi-week session. However, students must be present in the class (not participate long-distance or be absent from class).

Credits can be back-dated to September 1, 2009.

So, St Lukians, if you are in the Bible Study class, consider this opportunity to earn more credits. And let your fellow Bible study students know about the School, too!

Orthodoxy 101 Class

You Are Cordially Invited to Attend
a Seven Week Adult Education Course at
the Orthodox On-Line
Learning Center


An Introduction to Orthodox Christianity


November 16, 23 & 30 & December 7, 14, 21 & 28


Watch us Live on the World Wide Web

Register for Online Access at

For Further Information or Questions Regarding

Technological Requirements for Participating

Contact us at

An Outreach of the Diocesan Apostolate
for Christian Education

Presented by The American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the USA. You can receive credit for these classes. Receive 1 credit for each session you attend. You must fill out the "event" worksheet at left for each session that you attend. Submit your worksheets to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

NEW booklist up - for Seekers!

Are you interested in the Orthodox faith? Are you considering the Orthodox church for yourself? Then the NEW booklist Seekers is for you! The list contains many books describing the Faith and also includes testimonies and journeys to Orthodoxy stories from Protestants, Anglicans, Jews and Muslims.

To view the list, simply click on the Seekers (pdf) under the Book Lists header in the left column. You'll need Adobe Reader to view the list (go to for that).

If you have a question about Orthodoxy, you can also contact the School at else10(at)gmail(d0t)com.

May your reading be blessed!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Podcasts for Credit!

Listen to an Orthodox Christian Network podcast and receive 1 credit! Simply listen, fill out the podcast worksheet at left, and email it to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com.

Podcasts this week:

This week on Theologically Thinking, Fr. Athanasios Haros from the Transfiguration of Our Savior Greek Orthodox Church in Florence SC will speak on Tending the Garden of Our Souls, Sowing Seeds for Christ.

Last week on Harmony of Thunder, we looked at the first of the catechetical lectures of St. Cyril of Jerusalem, in which he prepares converts for the sacrament of baptism. In the second sermon, the baptism is over, and St. Cyril tells the new believers about the renunciations they pronounced just before the baptism took place. Listen to this week's Harmony of Thunder to hear how St. Cyril of Jerusalem views this important part of the baptismal rite.

This week on The Chanter's Stand, Ted Brakatselos discusses Church music and recalls the 6th International Symposium at St. Nicholas in Turkey.

Join Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News and Fr. Chris for another eposide of Just Thinking as they discuss the upcoming holiday of Christmas. The discussion though is from a decidedly Orthodox Christian perspective. How do we deal with the "Shop until you Drop" mentality of our culture? What is the significance of Advent for us?

May your listening be blessed!