Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sermons on the Feasts - Read and get credit!

Blessed Theophany! May our Lord's baptism kindly remind us of our own baptisms and rising from death to life!

The Orthodox Church in America (OCA) has started a section called Sermons on the 12 Great Feasts. The section features sermons for each feast of the year, written by the church fathers.

You can now get credit for reading these sermons. Simply read a sermon and email me (else10-at-gmail-d0t-com) your answers to the questions below. You can earn 2 credits for each sermon!

Questions to answer:

--What is the title of the sermon?
--Who is the author?
--What feast does the sermon celebrate?
--In your own words, summarize the key points of the sermon.

Please include your name, e-mail address and phone number with your submission. May your reading be blessed!

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