Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lesson for Lent: Love and Judgment

To receive 1 credit for this activity, read the Scriptures and the Lesson. Answer the Questions and return them by e-mail to else10(at)gmail(dot)com by 5 pm February 22, 2010.

Glory to you, O Lord, glory to you.
Isaiah 2:3-11
Genesis 1:24-2:3
Proverbs 2:1-22
Scripture selections are from the OCA web site. All Scriptures links are in the New King James version. Links are from BibleGateway.

Love and Judgment

1. What things do the people in Isaiah 2:6-8 prefer? How do these "treasures" compare to the ones given by God in Genesis and those described in Isaiah 2:3-4?
2. What treasures does God promise in the reading in Proverbs? According to the Lesson, our choice of treasures will lead to what ends?
3. How do the Scriptures and the Lesson apply to Lent?

For additional reading during Lent, please check out the Lenten booklist under "Booklists" at left. May you be blessed!

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