Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Continue to Earn Credits! And New Podcasts!

Don't want to stop learning?

There are two ways to earn credits this summer.

1) You can participate in our summer reading program, which earns you credits NOW.

2) You can do ANY OTHER credit activity with credits awarded September 1. That is, credits earned will be awarded to you during the next school term (in this case, September 2010-June 2011) and only if you enroll for the September-June term.

So, what are you waiting for? Here are some exciting podcasts to listen to and get you started.

The Head that Bows. On Theologically Thinking, enjoy a reading of one of Fr. Stanley Harakas' essays originally written for the National Herald entitled "The Head that Bows." Listen now.

How to be Culturally Savvy. On Special Moments in Orthodoxy, Khouria Maggie Hauck will discuss how to be culturally savvy as an Orthodox Christian. Listen now.

Discussing the Holy Apostles. On Just Thinking, join Fr. Chris and Fr. Alkiviades Calivas as they discuss the Holy Apostles. Listen now.

Receive one credit for each podcast you listen to. Listen, fill out the podcast worksheet, and email it back to Else10 (at) gmail (dOT) com. Your credit will be awarded September 1.

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