Friday, July 23, 2010

Classical Learning Resource Center

This week on OCN's Come Receive the Light podcast:

Tune in to hear Emmy Louvaris speak with Anne Van Fossen of the Classical Learning Resource Center - an online resource center for teachers and homeschoolers dedicated to Christian education through Classical Learning. Listen now »

From the Center's website:
"A classical education not only prepares students for the practical responsibilities of life, but also opens the door to a deeper understanding of humanity and faith.

At the Classical Learning Resource Center, we share a vision for education as an act of love rooted deeply in the relationship between teacher and students and students with their peers. We are convinced that education is a process of opening closed doors of the mind and heart to 'lead students out' to illumination. Central to this process is to surround students with images of virtue, nobility, honor, purity, sacrifice, loyalty, and beauty. We all pray and work to do this by example and as teachers we also seek to do this through the literature, poetry, art, music, science, and theology that we study with our students."

View the Classical Learning Resource Center website.

This sounds like something that adult students can also enjoy, especially students of the School of the 70. Our Orthodox faith is one rooted in history and tradition, and today's world can often be better understood when we realize where we've come from intellectually and otherwise. I encourage you to check out this site!

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