Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fall Classes at the Classical Learning Resource Center

Just in from the CLRC:

Anne Van Fossen, one of the founders of the CLRC and current instructor of Greek and Latin, was interviewed this week by the Orthodox Christian Network on their radio program “Come Receive the Light." To listen to the interview visit http://www.myocn.net/ and scroll down to “Classical Learning." Also listen in to a conversation between Anne Van Fossen and Matthew Gallatin, a co-founder of the Classical Learning Resource Center and author of the popular book Searching for God in a Land of Shallow Wells. Matthew currently offers “God and the Philosophers” and “Critical Thinking” through the CLRC. Their conversation, about Christian education and the CLRC, can be found at http://ancientfaith.com/. Click on “The Classical Learning Resource Center” under “Recent Podcast Episodes."

The Classical Learning Resource Center offers real-time online classes for middle school and high school students and adults throughout the United States and Canada and overseas. We are eagerly anticipating the beginning of classes the week of August 30th.

CLRC offers the following classes for Academic Year 2010-2011:

Latin: Latin I, Latin II, Intermediate Latin Reading Group

Greek (Classical): Greek I, Greek II

Literature: Homer and Greek Mythology

Philosophy: God and the Philosophers

Logic and Critical Thinking: Critical Thinking I

For those who are considering enrollment in the fall semester, we ask that you fill out the online enrollment form by August 15. Visit the CLRC online.

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