Friday, August 20, 2010

More Podcasts and an OPF Conference

Orthodox Peace Fellowship (OPF) Conference

The Annual North American Conference of OPF will take place in Irvine, CA, October 1 through 3, 2010. The unifying theme is “Interfaith Dialogue.” Speakers will come from the Orthodox tradition, as well as Jewish, Muslim, and others. The program will be a mix of talks and discussions, music, comedy, award-winning films and one-on-one conversation. Though differences exist and need to be acknowledged, we can learn from one another and create a more peaceful world in the process. Non-members are welcome — this conference is not to be missed! Download the flyer. Visit the website. The icon of Sts Peter and Paul, above, is a scriptural example of dialog!

You can receive three credits for attending this conference.
Simply attend, complete the Event Worksheet, and e-mail it to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com for credit.

More Podcasts for Credit

In this week's episode of Theologically Thinking, Fr. William Chiganos speaks about The Dormition of the Virgin Mary, Her Bodily and Spiritual Ascension. Listen now.

This week on Special Moments in Orthodoxy, Dr. Philip Mamalakis of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, continues his series and asks the question "'Orthodox Psychology' or 'Orthodox and Psychology'?" Listen now.

You can receive one credit each for listening to these podcasts. Simply listen, complete the Podcast Worksheet, and e-mail it to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com for credit. May your listening be blessed!

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