Thursday, September 2, 2010

From Our Students: Lee reviews "From Baptist to Byzantium"

Lee has contributed this fine book review on "From Baptist to Byzantium." This is a great book for seekers or anyone who enjoys stories of how others found the Orthodox Faith. Thank you, Lee!


From Baptist to Byzantium: How a Baptist Missionary Traveled Halfway Around the World to Find the Ancient Orthodox Faith
By Father James Early
Regina Orthodox Press

I never thought I would be writing this Book Review on Fr. James and his road to Orthodoxy. I can tell you that after this meeting with him his unusual response stuck to me to this day.What a way to come to the Faith! However, his story is far more than just that entry into the local Orthodox Church and this fine book greatly enhances my Sunday conversation with him. He has a wonderful, moving story to tell and I am thankful that the Lord has motivated him in telling it. While the book mirrors Fr. Peter Gillquist’s brilliant book, Becoming Orthodox it is different in that it is a testimony of one man (wife too) and his struggle to follow God’s will and seek the truth.As one of my great friends and a founding member of St. Luke Parish, Pat Dravillas, said many years ago, “Religion is about the truth, Lee.” This is a great story about finding the Holy Orthodox Faith while in foreign mission work.If you are a member of The Faith, I am sure this book will reaffirm your conviction in its truth.For those seeking the truth, this book will give you all you need to get started on the road.

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