Monday, December 20, 2010

Podcast and TV show, both for credit!

Sinai Wilderness

Podcast: The Great Schism
Most of us know what the Great Schism is, but do we understand what led to it? Fr. Andrew Louth gives some insight into the historic division of the East and West. Plus, how many of the toys wrapped for your teens are electronic devices? Dr. Ary Christofidis explores the topic of teens and technology with us this week to look at the potential pitfalls. Listen now.

Documentary: Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer
Travel with us to discover the ancient ways of the early Christians, and experience Jesus Christ like never before. Learn the ancient, mystical prayer used for centuries, first by Christian hermits and cave dwellers. Let the Jesus Prayer fill you with the presence of God and all of His grace. Never before has there been this kind of access to ancient caves, monasteries and convents in Egypt, Greece, Eastern Europe and Russia. Meet living Christian monks and nuns who have left the world behind, seeking the peace and salvation of eternity. For the first time, they speak of their private prayers of the heart on film. Now available on Comcast and Fios Video-on Demand. For more information, visit the documentary website.

You can receive credit for these activities. Receive one credit for each. Listen/watch the podcast/show, fill out the podcast worksheet (use the podcast worksheet for a show until I create a show worksheet), and submit it to else10@gmail(d0t)com.

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