Friday, February 18, 2011

Conciliar Press' Scripture Resources

Conciliar Press is an Orthodox publisher. Recently, I received an e-mail that described their publishing efforts and I thought I would share it here, not as an endorsement (although I do recommend their books) but as a resource for you when you are searching for Orthodox books. Enjoy!


Bible Study Resources from Conciliar

“Whenever you read the Gospel, Christ Himself is speaking to you. And while you read, you are praying and talking to Him.“—St. Tikhon of Zadonsk
The study of Scripture is central to the life of every Christian. Therefore, part of our mission at Conciliar Media Ministries is to promote the study and understanding of Holy Scripture among Orthodox Christians and others who seek to understand the Word of God according to the mind of the Church.
To this end, we are the primary distributors of The Orthodox Study Bible, published by Thomas Nelson. This Bible contains the only contemporary translation by Orthodox scholars of the Old Testament Septuagint text, the Greek text that has been used by the Orthodox Church from the beginning. It also includes extensive study notes incorporating a patristic perspective along with application of the Scriptures to the lives of contemporary Christians. A variety of helpful articles, charts, and indexes round out the volume.
The Orthodox Study Bible is currently available in four versions: hardcover, black bonded leather, red genuine leather, and the original hardcover New Testament and Psalms. Both the red genuine leather and the hardcover New Testament and Psalms are available in limited quantities and will not be reprinted once they have sold out. Don't miss the last opportunity to own these fine editions. You can order them online here.
In addition to the Bible itself, CMM offers three series of books on the Scriptures, two for adults and one for children: Fr. Lawrence Farley's Orthodox Bible Study Companion Series, including our newest book on the Gospel of Luke, discussed below; Fr. Patrick Reardon's Orthodox Christian Reflections Series; and the Old Testament Stories for Children Series by Mother Melania and Bonnie Gillis. Apart from these series stand Fr. Patrick Reardon's perennially popular volumes, Christ in the Psalms and Christ in His Saints.
Ancient Faith Radio offers a number of podcasts that focus on Bible study as well: Coffee Cup Commentaries, by Fr. Lawrence Farley; Search the Scriptures, by Pres. Jeannie Constantinou; The Names of Jesus, by Fr. Thomas Hopko; Teach Me Thy Statutes, by Fr. James Early; Let My Prayer Arise, by Fr. Wilbur Ellsworth; Let Us Attend (Sunday Scripture readings); and The Path (daily Scripture readings).
It is our hope that you will find these resources helpful as you pursue greater knowledge of God through His Word.

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