Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Read-Along: Lesson 1 of "Universal Truth"

James, the Lord's brother

Our new Read-Along begins this week in the book, Universal Truth: The Catholic Epistles of James, Peter, Jude and John, by Orthodox author Father Lawrence Farley.  Lesson 1 covers chapters 1 through 3.

Fr Farley's book study/commentaries are easy to read and understand. He takes you through each chapter and verse, explaining the meaning from an Eastern Orthodox perspective, and illuminating the history and cultural aspects of the Scriptures. I personally have read several of his other commentaries and enjoyed them very much.

If you have a hard time reading and/or interpreting the Bible, or simply want to learn more about the Scriptures, this Read-Along is for you!

To participate, purchase a copy of the book (Amazon or Conciliar Press), read the chapters, and complete the lesson. You can receive 1 credit for each lesson completed and returned to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com.

Download Lesson 1 now or view it from the Read-Along tab on this site.

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