Friday, May 6, 2011

New Podcast Series: Christ in the Gospels

St Matthew

St. Grergory the Theologian said that "Matthew wrote the miracles of Christ for the Hebrews, Mark for Italy, Luke for Greece; John, the great herald who walked in the heavens, for all." Prof. George Parsenios joins us for the first installment of a 5 part series on Christ in the Gospels. But first, Fr. Oliver Herbel looks at change in Orthodox services, and warns against grabbing on to something that is ancient and old simply because it is ancient and old. Listen to Part 1 now.

You can earn one credit for listening to this podcast. Simply listen, fill out the Podcast Worksheet (under the Lessons/Homework tab) and e-mail your completed work to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com.

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