Monday, March 12, 2012

Bible Reading Challenge, Week 3

 Dear Students and Friends,

Here are this week's  readings from Scripture. Follow along with us here at St Luke Church as we read the Bible during Lent.

March 12, Luke 1-2, The Birth of Jesus
March 13, John 1:1-18, Who Jesus Is
March 14, Luke 4:14-44, Jesus begins His ministry
March 15, Matthew 5-7, The Core of Jesus' teaching
March 16, John 3, God's love for the world
March 17, John 5, Jesus' Miracles and Authority
March 18, John 11, Jesus' power over death

Now you can also download the entire schedule in pdf format. Simply click on the "40-Day Bible Reading Challenge" link in the upper right hand column of this website, under the "Lent 2012" header. You may want to journal your thoughts on the Scripture readings, too. You may be surprised at what our Lord shows you!

Do you sometimes ask yourself, "How should I read the Bible?" Metropolitan Kallistos Ware of the UK has written an illuminating essay on this subject. Read it here.

May your reading be blessed!

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