Sunday, March 18, 2012

This week's Bible Challenge readings

Dear Friends,

We are one week further into Lent, and I hope the Bible Reading Challenge is uplifting to you. Here are this week's readings:

3/19/12, John 15, The Christian Life Defined 
3/20/12,  John 17,  Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer 
3/21/12, Matthew 26-27,  The Arrest & Crucifixion of Jesus 
3/22/12, John 20,  The Resurrection of Jesus 
3/23/12, Luke 24,  The Ascension of Jesus 
3/24/12, Acts 2,  The Coming of the Holy Spirit 
3/25/12,  Acts 9,  The Conversion of Saul

Start your reading with prayer. May your reading be blessed!

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