Monday, April 2, 2012

The Bible Reading Challenge Continues

St John of Damascus (John Damascene)

Dear Friends,

This week's readings conclude our Lenten Bible Reading Challenge:

4/2/12, Ephesians 4-6, Biblical Living
4/3/12, Phil. 1:18-­2:18, Christ’s Example
4/4/12, Col. 3:1-­17, Putting on the New Self
4/5/12, James 1, Pure Religion
4/6/12, Revelation 21-­22, The New Heaven and Earth

This challenge has been akin to a journey--a journey from the beginning of time to the end, from the beginning of History ("His story") to the end, and in every way echoes our daily lives as we travel from falleness to a new beginning as Christ's children. May this week's readings be a blessing to you.

(If you are a St Luke member and are participating in the challenge, don't forget to turn in your reading challenge with all days initialed.)

Finally, here are some beautiful words about the Bible from a church father:

"The Bible is a scented garden, delightful, beautiful.  It enchants our ears with birdsong in a sweet, divine and spiritual harmony, it touches our heart, comforts us in sorrow, soothes us in a moment of anger, and fills us with eternal joy.  Let us knock at its gate with diligence and with perseverance.  Let us not be discouraged from knocking.  The latch will be opened."
--John Damascene

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