Monday, May 14, 2012

New Podcasts for Credit!

The Risen Christ

Two recent podcasts on the Orthodox Christian Network present credit opportunities for you!

From Fear and Doubt: During the first days of Pascha, the Apostles were overcome with fear and doubt. But when the Risen Christ appeared to them in the room, He gave them His peace. The peace of God is that inner quietness and stillness that washes away our fear so that faith can rule our hearts. That faith in the Risen Christ leads us to accomplish wonders for the glory of God and His Church. The Apostles “HAD” fear until they allowed Christ’s peace to enter their hearts. Now it’s our turn to welcome and embrace Christ’s peace in our hearts. Now it’s our turn to do wonders and bring multitudes to Him so they can find peace. LISTEN NOW.

Spirituality in Heresies and Sects:  Fr. Vasilios Thermos discusses Spirituality in Heresies and Sects. Fr. Vasilios is a psychotherapist who especially deals with the role of emotion in seducing people into sects and heresies. LISTEN NOW.

Earn one credit for any podcast you listen to. Simply listen, fill out the podcast worksheet from the Homework tab, and email it back to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com.

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