Friday, May 25, 2012

Next Read-Along Lesson! Podcasts!

Our Lord's Ascension
Dear Friends,

The next Read-Along lesson is ready for you! Lesson 20 covers the plot to kill Jesus.
Download the lesson here or from the Read-Along tab on this website. Remember, you can earn 1 credit for each lesson you complete. Just submit your finished lesson to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com.

You can also listen to the following podcasts and earn 1 credit for each. Simply listen, fill out the podcast worksheet, and send it to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com:

Honoring Our Heavenly Mother: On OCN's Theologically Thinking, Fr. Athanasios Haros from the Transfiguration Church in Florence, SC shares a message entitled “Honoring Our Heavenly Mother.” We each have a common mother in the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary. On Mothers’ Day we honor our earthly mothers with flowers, luncheons and honors. When we want to honor our Heavenly Mother, we are called to obedience to Jesus Christ Who calls us to a life of love for each other spreading the message of hope in His Gospel. Listen now.

The Ascension of Christ: On OCN's Special Moments in Orthodoxy, The Ascension of Christ is a mystery much like His Resurrection. They are both however, proof of His divinity. Fr. Frank Marangos talks about the Ascension of Christ into the heavens and what it means to Christianity today. Listen now.

The Spiritual Light: On OCN's Worship in Spirit and Truth, join Dr. Demetrios Katos as he give his message entitled "Come Receive the Light,” The spiritual light that is shed by the resurrection. Listen now.

Finally, if you have completed activities but have not submitted your homework for credit, please do so soon. The school year ends next Friday, June 1, and the student with the most credits will receive an icon as the school prize!

May your learning be blessed!

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