Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Orthodox Arts Journal

A new website has appeared among us that focuses exclusively on the Orthodox liturgical arts and expression. The Orthodox Arts Journal is this new venue.

It describes itself this way:

The Orthodox Arts Journal publishes articles and news for the promotion of traditional Orthodox liturgical arts. The Journal covers visual arts, music, liturgical ceremony and texts, and relevant art history and theory. The Journal presents these topics together to highlight the unified witness of the arts to the beauty of the Kingdom of God and to promulgate an understanding of how the arts work together in the worship of the Church. In the spirit of the revival of traditional Orthodox liturgical arts sparked by Kontoglou and Ouspensky, the Journal will publicize excellence in contemporary liturgical arts, emphasizing fidelity to the Church’s tradition of beauty and craft.

You can subscribe to this site by e-mail and receive notice when new things are added to the site.

This website will be a great source of learning about the iconography, music and arts that are a part of the Faith. Make sure to visit it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Final Read-Along Lesson, Podcasts, Summer Reading Program, School Winner

Dear Friends,

We complete our Read-Along in The Gospel According to Matthew: A Torah of the Church with lesson 21, "The Death of Judas." Download the lesson from the Read-Along tab at the top of this website. Remember, you can always access any lesson for this book from that tab. If you weren't able to follow along with us during the year, why not read this book and do the lessons as a summer activity? You can earn 1 credit for each lesson completed.

A new Read-Along will begin in the Fall.

And here are some new podcasts for you:

Preparing Hearts and Minds: Fr. David Smith explores St. John Chrysostom's first sermon in his series on St. John's gospel. In this sermon, the greatest preacher of Orthodoxy prepares the hearts and minds of his listeners - those who heard him deliver the sermon and those of us today - to receive the message of St. John the Evangelist, and to open ourselves to the gospel's life-changing message. Listen now.

Abba Macarios: Noted scholar Fr. John McGuckin speaks on Abba Anthony (Saint Anthony the Great). Listen now.

What is Marriage?: There’s so much talk today about what qualifies as a marriage. Today, we’ll talk with Father Brendan Pelphrey about our Orthodox understanding of what makes a marriage, what the purpose of a marriage is, and what makes a marriage successful in the eyes of Christ. But first, let’s talk about creating a successful relationship with our in-laws! Licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Randa Karadsheh Anderson offers some very practical suggestions about family boundaries. Listen now.

You can receive 1 credit for each podcast you listen to. Simply listen, fill out the podcast worksheet, and submit your finished work to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com.

Finally, don't forget our Summer Reading Program! Read three books, receive 10 credits. Learn more here. And download the summer reading list here.

And now a drumroll for this year's credit winner: STACI! Congrats! You'll be receiving a beautiful icon for your hard work. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Reading Program Begins!

Read 3 books, get 10 credits! That's the School of the Seventy Summer Reading Program!

This year's books include:

  • The Jesus We Missed, by Fr Pat Reardon
  • From Darkness to Light: How One Became a Christian in the Early Church, by Anne Field
  • Ultimate Things: An Orthodox Christian Perspective on the End Times, by Dennis Engelmann
  • Bread and Water, Wine and Oil: An Orthodox Christian Experience of God, by Fr Meletios Webber
  • Spread the Word: Reclaiming the Apostolic Tradition of Evangelism, by Fr Michael Keiser

To get your 10 credits, read three books, fill out a general book worksheet for each, and return your completed work to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com. This program ends September 1.

Download the Summer Reading Plan now. May your reading be blessed!

Note: All work must be completed and turned in by September 1 to qualify for the ten credits. If the work is turned in after September 1, normal credits apply.