Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Reading Program Begins!

Read 3 books, get 10 credits! That's the School of the Seventy Summer Reading Program!

This year's books include:

  • The Jesus We Missed, by Fr Pat Reardon
  • From Darkness to Light: How One Became a Christian in the Early Church, by Anne Field
  • Ultimate Things: An Orthodox Christian Perspective on the End Times, by Dennis Engelmann
  • Bread and Water, Wine and Oil: An Orthodox Christian Experience of God, by Fr Meletios Webber
  • Spread the Word: Reclaiming the Apostolic Tradition of Evangelism, by Fr Michael Keiser

To get your 10 credits, read three books, fill out a general book worksheet for each, and return your completed work to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com. This program ends September 1.

Download the Summer Reading Plan now. May your reading be blessed!

Note: All work must be completed and turned in by September 1 to qualify for the ten credits. If the work is turned in after September 1, normal credits apply.

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