Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Start the new School Year Right!

Dear Students and Friends,

Our new school year has begun! And will run through June 1, 2013.

Here's a great way to start the year: think about THEOSIS. What is theosis? Orthodoxwiki.com defines it as

Theosis ("deification," "divinization") is the process of a worshiper becoming free of hamartía ("missing the mark"), being united with God, beginning in this life and later consummated in bodily resurrection. For Orthodox Christians, Théōsis (see 2 Pet. 1:4) is salvation. Théōsis assumes that humans from the beginning are made to share in the Life or Nature of the all-Holy Trinity. Therefore, an infant or an adult worshiper is saved from the state of unholiness (hamartía — which is not to be confused with hamártēma “sin”) for participation in the Life (zōé, not simply bíos) of the Trinity — which is everlasting.

To those outside the faith, it may be misinterpreted as meaning that we Orthodox believe we will be gods. The Special Moments in Orthodoxy Podcast talks all about it here.

You can earn one credit for listening to this podcast and filling out the podcast worksheet available from the homework tab. Email your homework to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com for credit.

Listen to the Theosis Podcast now >

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