Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Book Wednesdays (and a Podcast!): Listening to the Heartbeat of God

Dear Students and Friends,

Our new book this week is "Listening to the Heartbeat of God" by Hiermonk Peter Preble. The book is about having a conversation with God, a divine and holy experience that all Christians are called to enjoy. Fr. Peter Preble weaves together the Orthodox monastic traditions of spirituality and prayer. This book is a guide to prayer for each person who desires to pray from the heart.

The contents includes:
  • CHAPTER 1 Listening to the Heartbeat of God
  • CHAPTER 2 Divine Reading
  • CHAPTER 3 How Do I Practice Sacred Reading?
  • CHAPTER 4 What Scripture Passages Do I Read?
  • CHAPTER 5 Liturgical Prayer
  • CHAPTER 6 The Jesus Prayer: Prayer of the Heart
  • CHAPTER 7 Three Types of Prayer
  • CHAPTER 8 Using a Prayer Rope
  • CHAPTER 9 Results of the Jesus Prayer
  • CHAPTER 10 How to Begin
  • CHAPTER 11 Getting to the Heart
  • CHAPTER 12 Plunging Into God
  • CHAPTER 13 Spiritual Fatherhood
  • CHAPTER 14 A Spiritual Father's Role
  • CHAPTER 15 How Spiritual Fatherhood Works

There is lots of spiritual fodder here! You can earn 2 credits for reading this book. Simply read, fill out the General Worksheet for Books, and e-mail it back for credit to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com.

Buy the book at Regina Orthodox Press.

BONUS: listen to a podcast interview of the author at Ancient Faith Radio for an extra credit! Simply listen, fill out the podcast worksheet and  e-mail it back for credit to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com.

Listening to the Heartbeat of God by Hiermonk Peter Preble, ISBN 9781928653424, 70 pages, Regina Orthodox Press: 2012.

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