Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Book Wednesdays: Defeating Sin by Fr Huneycutt

Dear Students and Friends,

This week's book is not new, but it is new to this blog. As well as read the book, you can also listen to a podcast interview with the author, Fr Joseph Huneycutt. The book is called "Defeating Sin: Overcoming Our Passions and Changing Forever."

Here's a description of the book:

Defeating Sin will help readers to better understand the disease that troubles the human soul. This book will prove an invaluable aid for those engaged in spiritual warfare, helping them make that U-trun from the passions toward the virtues. Christians of all denominational background will benefit from the ancient wisdom of the Church Fathers and the perpetual call to repentance.

Buy the book on Amazon, on Amazon for the Kindle, or from Regina Orthodox Press.

 And here's the podcast description:

On Special Moments in Orthodoxy, we’ll hear a CRTL episode from the OCN vault - Fr. Chris speaks with Fr. Joseph Huneycutt about his book "Defeating Sin: Overcoming Our Passions and Changing Forever." The Fathers describe this essential effort as the path to godliness what we call "Theosis" in the Orthodox faith. You won't want to miss this powerful message!

Listen to the podcast now.

Fr. Joseph David Huneycutt, best selling author of ONE FLEW OVER THE ONION DOME – American Orthodox Converts, Retreads and Reverts, has led retreats on the Passions, Virtues, and Confession around the country. He is the Associate Pastor of St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Houston TX.

Defeating Sin: Overcoming Our Passions and Changing Forever by Fr Joseph Huneycutt. ISBN 978-1928653318, 210 pages, Regina Orthodox Press: 2007.

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