Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Book Wednesdays: Feminism and Tradition

Dear Students and Friends,

Here is a book that is likely to stir some discussion and I think it's really worth reading. I am in the midst of reading it, and offer this review, below:

"In this work, Orthodox priest Lawrence Farley presents an Orthodox Christian response to feminism. Beginning with a chapter on why persons with feminist outlook have trouble with Christianity (they have a wrong view of scripture; they often have unteachable attitudes), he then looks at Biblical passages that are often difficult for women to swallow, beginning with the Genesis creation stories and explaining what they mean. Fr Farley explains why "subordination" is so misunderstood and how it doesn't mean that women are not equal to men or "second class citizens." A later chapter on the early Church Fathers shows how tradition has interpreted these Scriptures and how the Fathers were not "woman haters" as many believe. Finally, Fr Farley tackles the difficult topic of why the Orthodox church doesn't ordain women--pointing out that even Jesus Himself did not assign a woman to be one of the Twelve.

"The author's prose is fair, gentle, nonjudgmental and sincere in his love and concern for men, women and relationships. This book helped me understand the issues (I often don’t know how to respond to feminist friends) and especially why there is so much brokenness in male-female relationships. Fr Farley made me realize that things are not right between men and women because we have lost sight of the roles and desires God has for us, and we are unwilling to accept them and be obedient to God. I recommend this book to persons who are curious or struggle with questions and who can read with an open (read=not angry) mindset."

You can receive 2 credits for reading this book. Simply read, fill out the General Worksheet for books, and email your work to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com to receive your credits.

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Feminism and Tradition: Quiet Reflections on Ordination and Communion by Father Lawrence Farley, ISBN 978-0881413823, 188 pages, St Vladimir’s Seminary Press: 2012.

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