Thursday, January 24, 2013

Two St Macariuses

St Macarius of Egypt

Dear Students and Friends,

There are actually two saints by the name of Macarius that are celebrated on January 19!

Saint Macarius the Great of Egypt was born around 331 in the village of Ptinapor in Egypt. At the wish of his parents he entered into marriage, but was soon widowed. After he buried his wife, Macarius told himself, "Take heed, Macarius, and have care for your soul. It is fitting that you forsake worldly life." Read more...

Saint Macarius of Alexandria was a contemporary and friend of St Macarius of Egypt (January 19). He was born in the year 295, and until the age of forty he was occupied in trade. Later, he was baptized and withdrew into the desert, where he spent more than sixty years. Read more...

Fr McGuckin has a great podcast on Macarius. Listen to find out which one he is talking about.

Listen now.

You can earn one credit for listening to this podcast. Simply listen, fill out the Podcast worksheet (available from the Lessons tab, above) and e-mail it back to else10(at)gmail(d0t)com to receive your credit.

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