Thursday, May 2, 2013

Passion Gospel Service on Holy Thursday

Fr Andrew Harrison of St Luke Orthodox Church
processes with the cross on Holy Thursday.

Dear Students and Friends,

We celebrate the "last" supper on Thursday of Holy Week, and in the evening, we have a Passion Gospel Service, one of the most importent and solemn Holy Week Services. It is a remembrance and an entrance into the suffering and death of Christ. The priest, standing in the center of the church, is surrounded by twelve candles and reads the words of the Apostles who witnessed the events. As each Gospel is read, one candle is extinguished. During the fifth reading, the priest processes with the Cross over his shoulder as he chants, "He who hung the earth upon the waters is now being hung on the cross." At the point of the sixth Gospel when Jesus yields up His Spirit, the priest places a wreath of red flowers over the Cross. The service concludes with the veneration of the Cross.

The twelve readings are:

Please join us in reading the Gospels, and if you can, don't miss this sacred service. May your Holy Thursday be blessed!

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