Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Article: What is worship for?

Dear Students and Friends,

Today I received an e-mail with Orthodox author Frederica Matthewes-Green's answer to the question, What is worship for?

A pastor in the UK wrote me [Frederica] asking, “What is worship for?” He said that his denomination was encouraging pastors to make worship more “user-friendly” in order to attract new members, and that this initially seemed to him a reasonable evangelistic strategy. A scripture cited in support of this approach was Acts 15:19, “We should not trouble those of the Gentiles who turn to God.” But as he read this scripture in context, it looked to him like it was written of people who were already Christian believers, and would not be required to accept Jewish practices. It didn’t address the case of people entirely outside the faith. He wrote to ask, “Who are church services for? Believers or unbelievers?”

This is a question we may all ask ourselves sometimes as we see how others who are not Orthodox conduct their worship services. We all need the reminder now and then that worship is about God--not ourselves. This is our greatest witness.

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Thought Questions

  1. Why do I worship?
  2. How can I help others understand what worship is about?
  3. If worship is holy, what should my conduct be in church?

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