Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Video: Fr Alexander Schmemann

Two Alexanders: Fr Schemann (left) and Solzhenitsyn

 Dear Students and Friends,

We have a unique opportunity (as is so often presented on the Internet) to view a video of a famous Orthodox teacher--in this case, Alexander Schmemann, author and past dean of St Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary.

Fr. Alexander Schmemann used to appear on a CBS program called “For Our Times.” Shortly after Fr. Schmemann’s death, the show aired a documentary about his life and influence, “a recollection of the man and a tribute to his memory.”

You can now watch this program on the Orthodox Christian Network! Watch now.

May you be blessed by this program. Wishing you a holy and blessed Thanksgiving.

"Give thanks for in things, for this is God's will for you."

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