Monday, March 23, 2015

Pascha: Come and See

Dear Students and Friends,

Pascha is a wonderful occasion for inviting friends and those curious about Orthodoxy to "come and see" what our Faith is about. Read this article on Paschal Evangelism on the Orthodox Christian Network (OCN). 

To also help you introduce others to Orthodoxy, Frederica Mathewes-Green has written a new book called Welcome to the Orthodox Church: An Introduction to Eastern Christianity. Those of you who have read Frederica's other books know what a clear, concise and inviting writer she is, and her love of the church infuses all her words. So this work will be exciting to read and exciting to share! Use this book for yourself or for gentle, evangelism efforts towards interested friends and acquaintances. If you want an autographed copy, order the book here.

Here's what Amazon says about the book:

There are other introductory books about Orthodoxy, but they are all somewhat academic. This one comprehensively covers the history, theology, and practice without talking over your head. Mathewes-Green takes the original approach of bringing you into a typical church for a series of visits. That is how Christians learned the faith for most of history, by coming into a community and keeping their eyes and ears open. Designed primarily for newcomers to come to understand Orthodoxy and Orthodox Christians, this guide to the faith is also a non-threatening and accessible introduction to people already “in the pews.” Inviting rather than argumentative, Orthodox Christians will be giving this to their friends.

So check out these resources. May your reading and evangelism be blessed!

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