Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Resources for Prayer

Dear Students and Friends,

Prayer has been much on my mind lately. Sometimes it is hard to pray and sometimes we need others to pray for us when the words will not come. So I've collected some resources for you that may help you think about prayer in different ways and hopefully encourage you to not give up on your prayer life.

When we are too busy for prayer ... listen now.
St. John of Apameia in A Prayerful Life ... listen now.

Prayer, Part One ... watch now.
Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer ... watch now .

Beginning to Pray, by Anthony Bloom. Order here.
Courage to Pray, by Anthony Bloom and Georgres LeFebvre. Order here.
Prayer Book of the Early Christians. Order here.

When All Else Fails
The Way of the Pilgrim. Order here.
The Jesus Prayer ... read now.
The Jesus Prayer, a presentation by Frederica Mathewes-Green ... watch now.

May your prayers be especially blessed this week!

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